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Other Institutes

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
The LHC machine at CERN, has finished its first phase of operation with a spectacular set of dividends, most notable being the discovery of the Higgs boson by ATLAS and CMS experimental collaborations. The LHC machine and the experiments will be upgraded in phases, during the intermittent shut down periods, to achieve almost double the amount of centre-of-mass energy as well as much higher instantaneous luminosity in future operations. In 2015, LHC machine will provide collisions again. To probe physics of the TeV energy scale deeper than before, preparations have started already and early 2014 is a very good juncture to take a stock of the situation. Important results, based on the data already collected, are driving the theoretical ideas about physics beyond standard model. The precision tests will reveal if the march of standard model continues or not. This meeting is focused to address the detector upgrade options for high luminosity LHC as well as the relevant physics questions to be handled by the experiments. Both theoreticians and experimentalists are expected to participate in this workshop.
  • Kajari Mazumdar
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