PH-ESE Electronics Seminars

The NA62 LKr calorimeter digitizer module

by Stefano Venditti (CERN)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013 from to (Europe/Zurich)
at CERN ( 40-2-A01 )
The NA62 experiment at CERN SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron) accelerator aims at studying ultra-rare Kaon decays. The high resolution Liquid Krypton (LKr) calorimeter, built for the NA48 experiment, is a crucial part of the photon-veto system; in order to cope with the new requirements, the back-end electronics of the LKr had to be redone.
Due to the large number of channels (14k) and the maintenance required over 10 years of the experiment lifetime, it was decided to sub-contract the development and production of a suitable readout board to industry.
The presentation will go through all the essential features of the Calorimeter REAdout Module (CREAM): analog performances, trigger properties, data processing and readout system. The result of the tests performed at CERN on the first delivered boards will also be presented.
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