Nathaniel Craig

Searching for Signs of the Second Higgs

WH11NE - Sunrise (Fermilab - LPC)

WH11NE - Sunrise

Fermilab - LPC

Abstract: The search for evidence of extended electroweak symmetry breaking has entered a new phase with the discovery of a Standard Model-like Higgs at the LHC. The measurement of Higgs couplings and direct searches for additional scalars provide complementary avenues for the discovery of new degrees of freedom. This complementarity is particularly sharp in two Higgs doublet models (2HDMs) where the couplings of the SM-like Higgs may be directly related to the LHC signals of additional scalars. In this talk I'll discuss a strategy for searching for the second Higgs doublet given the LHC signals of the recently discovered SM-like Higgs. I'll translate fits in 2HDM parameter space to the signals of the SM-like Higgs into signal expectations for future measurements of both the SM-like Higgs and additional scalars, identifying the most promising search channels for discovery or exclusion of new physics.