Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

Renewable Energy Production (1/3) - POSTPONED

by Carlo Rubbia (Universita e INFN (IT))

80-1-001 (CERN)



Oil reserves are not indefinite and oil extraction in difficult environmental conditions are risky. Burning fossile fuels poses air pollution problems in addition. Fission reactors are unpopular because of security risks and because treatment or storage of radioactive waste is an unsolved problem. On the other hand energy demand rises continually and new solutions must be found. Renewable energy sources are exploited by wind turbines, geo-thermal energy, solar panels etc. How efficient are current technologies and where can improvements be made? How much of the energy demand can be covered by `renewable energies? What are promising technologies for the storage and transport of energy? What will be the energy mix in 20 years and what will be the consequence for the individual person? The seminar tries to give answers to these questions.
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