CERN Computing Seminar

Exascale Challenge and General Purpose Computing

by Dr Avinash Sodani (Intel Corp.)

513/1-024 (CERN)



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The demand for high performance computing will continue to grow exponentially, driving to Exascale in 2018/19. Among the many challenges that Exascale computing poses, power and memory are two important ones. There is a commonly held belief that we need special purpose computing to meet these challenges. This talk will dispel this myth and show how general purpose computing can reach the Exascale efficiencies without sacrificing the benefits of general purpose programming. It will talk about future architectural trends in Xeon-Phi and what it means for the programmers.

About the speaker

Avinash Sodani is the chief architect of the future Xeon-Phi processor from Intel called Knights Landing. Previously, Avinash was one of the primary architects of the first Core i7/i5 processor (called Nehalem). He also worked as a server architect for Xeon line of products. Avinash has a PhD in Computer Architecture from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MS in Computer Science from the same university. He has a B.Tech in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in India.

Organised by: Andrzej Nowak and Miguel Angel Marquina
Computing Seminars /IT Department

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