DevDet, most recent proposal documents



    • Review Status of WP's
      • 1
        General proposal sections (comments to Paul Soler)
        DevDet WP structure
        Submitted proposal
      • 2
        WP1 (comments to Lucie Linssen)
        WP1 and management section of proposal
        WP1 budget
      • 3
        WP2 (comments to Nigel Hessey)
        Table of pm
        Text in final format, 26/2/2008
      • 4
        WP3 (comments to Alessandro Marchioro)
        Budget of 25/2/2008
      • 5
        WP4 (comments Ties Behnke)
        Final proposal text (27.2.2008)
        financial table (27.2.2008)
      • 6
        WP5 (comments to Anselmo Cervera)
        budget (27/02/08)
        text in final format (27/02/08)
        wp text
      • 7
        WP6 (comments to Lucie Linssen)
        WP6 budget
        WP6 text
      • 8
        WP7 (comments to Ingrid Gregor)
      • 9
        WP8 (comments to Eduardo Cortina)
        Budget WP8
        cost calc IPASCR-1
        cost calc IPASCR-2
        cost calc IPASCR-3
        cost calc JSI
        cost calc PSI-PIF
        cost calc PSI-pions
        cost calc TSL
        cost calc UBRUN
        cost calc UCL
        DevDet-WP8 text
        text (27/02/2008) by BDG
        text (28/02/2008) ECG
      • 10
        WP9 (comments to Mar Capeans)
        Budget 26.02.08
        FINAL WP9 DESCRIPTION 27.2.08
        WP9 Description 26.02.08
      • 11
        WP10 (comments to Joachim Mnich)
        Budget 27.02.08
        Text 27.02.08
      • 12
        WP11 (comments to Steinar Stapnes)
        Budget Wed.27
        Final text (proof reading needed)
      • 13
        Full DevDet budget (comments to Lucie)
        Corrected final budget