A&T Seminar

Laser Stripping for H- Injection

864/1-D02 - BE Auditorium Prevessin (CERN)

864/1-D02 - BE Auditorium Prevessin


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For circular hadron accelerators aiming at high intensity or high brightness, H- injection has become the standard injection technique. The principles of multiturn injection and in particular H- injection and the required hardware will be introduced. Existing accelerators on the high-intensity frontier are already knocking on the limits of using foils as stripping mechanism. A complementary technique to foil stripping, developed at SNS, consists of a Laser beam to excite and a magnetic field to strip the H- ions to protons. This technique avoids having to intercept the beam by a foil and thus allows to reduce losses and emittance blow-up from scattering. The development stage of this technique and its implications on lattice design will be discussed in view of current accelerator projects. Speaker: Wolfgang Bartmann/CERN ATS Seminars Organisers: H. Burkhardt (BE), T. Stora (EN), G. de Rijk (TE)