Follow-up meeting (week 8): MBHSM101 Coil CMM and Prep. for Collaring

927-1-B23 (CERN)



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  • Wednesday, 19 February 2014
    • 09:00 09:40
      Coil CMM - Shimming Plan 40m

      Presentation of the CMM measurements of Coils #101 and #105 by ScanArm (FARO). Interpretation of results and discussion on definition of the collaring shimming plan

      Speaker: Christian Hannes Loffler (C)
    • 09:40 10:10
      Preparation for Collaring 30m

      Presentation of the preparation and the collaring trials with coils #104 and #102.

      Speaker: Nicolai Schmid (CERN)
    • 10:10 10:30
      Schedule & AOB 20m
      Speaker: Mikko Karppinen (CERN)