PH-ESE Electronics Seminars

TDCPix: A High Time Precision Pixel Chip for the NA62 GigaTracker

by Matthew Noy (CERN)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 from to (Europe/Zurich)
at CERN ( 13-2-005 )
The TDCPix is a hybrid pixel detector readout ASIC designed for the NA62 GigaTracker detector. The asynchronously operating pixel array consists of 1800 pixels, each 300x300um^2. The requirements are a single-hit timing resolution better than 200ps RMS and a read-out efficiency of 99% or better. The discriminator time walk effect is compensated using a time-over-threshold approach with off-chip look-up tables. The pixel array is connected to 720 TDC channels which provide time to digital conversion with 97ps binning. The TDCpix processes up to 210Mhits/cm^2 and provides the hit data without the need of a trigger in a continuous data stream via four 3.2 Gb/s serialisers.
Tests and characterization of the final TDCpix chip will be presented.
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