News from the Experiments at CERN (113th Meeting of the SPSC)

chaired by Claude Vallee (CPPM, Marseille, France)
from to (Europe/Zurich)
OPEN Session 9h00 to 13h00 in the Council Chamber, followed by CLOSED Session at 14h00 in Georges Charpak Room F, 6th floor, 60-6-015
CERN-SPSC-2014-008 ; SPSC-A-113

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  • Tuesday, 8 April 2014
    • 09:00 - 14:15 Open Session
      Tuesday morning at 09:00 until 13:00
      • 09:00 WA104 ICARUS Report 30'
        Speaker: Claudio Montanari (INFN Pavia)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 09:30 WA104 NESSiE Report 15'
        Speaker: Laura Patrizii (INFN Bologna)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 09:55 WA105 Report 30'
        Speaker: Andre Rubbia (ETH Zuerich (CH))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 10:35 Status and plans of the RD52/DREAM Experiment 20'
        Speaker: John Hauptman (Iowa State University)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 11:05 Coffee Break 20'
      • 11:25 Status and plans of the NA62 Experiment 30'
        Speaker: Ferdinand Hahn (CERN)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 12:05 Status and plans of the AEGIS Experiment 25'
        Speaker: Michael Doser (CERN)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 12:40 Status and plans of the GBAR experiment 25'
        Speaker: Patrice Perez (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 13:15 End of the Open Session 1'
      • 13:15 Lunch Break 45'