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Etienne Urbah (Lab. de l'Accelerateur Lineaire (IN2P3) (LAL) - Universite de Pa)
Metrics Implementation Group Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 Access code: 0199981 Participant site: https://audioconf.cern.ch/call/0199981 212.1 Attendance - Etienne 212.2 'End of activity' report for handover to EGEE-III 'Operations Automation Team' - Etienne 212.3 Status of DSA1.7 - Coen - CPU and Storage available (GStat) - Any new requirement ? 212.4 Status of SLD/SLA - Ioannis/ John S - SLD metrics for Site availability and reliability (GridView) - SLD metrics for GGUS tickets (GGUS, ROC-DECH) - Any new requirement ? 212.5 The implementation - Etienne - Storage available (Cesga) - Services : List and Monitoring (New metric) http://egee-docs.web.cern.ch/egee-docs/list.php?dir=./mig/test_implementation/& 212.6 AOB v 204.3 - Etienne URBAH - 17 April 2008
Measurements Implementation Group (212) v 212.2 – Etienne Urbah – 24 April 2008 0) Administration Agenda ====== Wednesday 23th April 2008 on the CERN telephone conferencing system: http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=30920 1)  Attendance     CERN     Nicholas THACKRAY     CERN     James CASEY     FR       Etienne URBAH     SEE      Ioannis LIABOTIS What was discussed ================== 2)  Handover to EGEE-III 'Operations Automation Team' Etienne has to write down for James an 'End of activity' report describing outstanding issues and work still to be done. 3)  Status of DSA1.7 No news. 4)  Status of SLD/SLA – Ioannis The only problem left is the SLD metrics for GGUS tickets, for which ROC-DECH could provide an implementation once the DECH sites will have agreed on a SLA. 5)  The implementation – Etienne http://egee-docs.web.cern.ch/egee-docs/list.php?dir=./mig/test_implementation/& –  New monitoring tool : 'GOC Storage Accounting' –  size.1 and size.4 (CPU and Storage available) :  Added a link to GStat history –  size.4 and size.5 (Storage available) :  Added a link to 'GOC Storage Accounting' –  qag.service.0 (New Metric) :  Services : List and Monitoring Etienne will rename the 'production' folder to 'production_2008_february_29' and copy the 'test_implementation' folder to 'production'. Actions ======= Etienne has to : –  publish 'test_implementation' to 'production'   (done 24 April 2008), –  write down the 'End of activity' report and transmit it to James. - the end -
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