Training the Trainers

Building 593, Training Centre, Auditorium (CERN)

Building 593, Training Centre, Auditorium


Gergely Sipos , Robin McConnell
This event is to support those intending to give training courses during EGEE-III. Participants might be members of the NA3 activity, or other EGEE activities, or might be members of partner projects or application communities associated with EGEE.

The event consists of three parts:
  • Training policy and processes in EGEE (0.5 day)
  • EGEE Induction training(1 day)
  • Advanced EGEE training - RESPECT tools (1 day)
The first part is primarily for trainers being involved in EGEE-III and collaborating projects, the second and third part targets trainers, grid users and application communities. Although participants are encouraged to attend all the three parts, it is also possible to attend only that part that you feel relevant for you. Please indicate on the registration form which part(s) you wish to attend to help planning logistics.

Registration is required for the day: Registration page

Logistics: The course will be held in the large auditorim in building 593 (Training Centre) at CERN. See location on this map.

There are two hostels on the CERN site – buildings 38 and 39. There is a searchable site map at The hostel booking page is .

To gain entry to the CERN site you will need to show your passport and collect a pass from reception – these will be arranged for registered course participants.

The course includes hands-on sessions. Attendees are advised to bring their own laptops for these sessions with having the following software installed: 1. SSH client (e.g. PUTTY on Windows, SSH terminal on Linux) 2. Web browser with Java plug-in (e.g. Mozilla or Internet Explorer with e.g. Java 1.6.x) In order to use a laptop to connect to the network, you will need to pre-register it at CERN. For instructions on how to do this look at the page: . You will need to know the MAC address of your computer to do this – see for instructions on how to find this.

NOTE THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO REGISTER YOUR LAPTOP IN ADVANCE. That will permit you to explore the EGEE digital library and other NA3-related resources during the course.

Accessing the GILDA training infrastructure

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