SAM3 UI feedback

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Main topics to discuss:

* SAM3 feedback

local - Pablo (chair), Nicolo', Eddie, Julia, Andrea, Lionel, Hector, Maarten, Stefan (last to arrive)
remote - Alessandra, David, Salvatore, Alessandro

Volunteers for next minutes: Julia, Maarten, Stefan

1) Pablo reviews the JIRA actions for September. He proposes to treat 3 of them as critical for move to production; when solved, the project can be considered finished and the rest of the issues become ongoing support:

* Evaluation of the SAM3 UI -
* Integrate new messaging libraries -
* Generate accounting reports from REBUS -

Maarten asks if there are actions related to Quattor decommissioning. Pablo answers that there are two services affected: the Nagios boxes for which Marian is making progress; and the current SAM central services, which will be decommissioned with SAM3 and not migrated.

2) Pablo presents the experiment feedback on SAM3. He comments that the recent migration of the DB from integration to prod introduced some issues which are being solved.
Pablo reviews the answers to the questionnaire:
* The experiments don't see showstoppers
* The experiment representatives will announce the change through the proper channels
* Many profiles in SAM just for historical reasons can be removed.
** Maarten comments that ALICE would keep the glexec test in a separate non-critical profile. Pablo comments that there can also be tests not assigned to any profile, though in this case it's more convenient to keep the profile.
** Salvatore confirms that ATLAS needs only 2 profiles. Alessandro asks how to configure the probes after dropping the profiles which were created just for this reason in SAM2; Pablo answers that Marian is working on decoupling the probe config from the profiles.
** Andrea confirms that CMS needs only 2 of the current profiles; a new profile for CVMFS might be needed. Pablo confirms that adding profiles is always possible.
* All experiments agree that 1 month of overlap between SAM2/SAM3 is sufficient
* Pablo reviews the old SAM2 or MyWLCG APIs currently used by ATLAS and CMS, and will provide replacements.
** LHCb is already using the new wlcg-mon API for the CVMFS test, can be common with CMS and ATLAS.

Alessandro asks about the late arrival of test results, Pablo answers that this should be mitigated by the move to a single message broker in April.
Alessandro asks if the availability can be calculated more often that every 30 minutes, Pablo says that the availability calculation requires several steps but 15 minutes looks feasible.

Pablo points out the "Submit a bug" link on wlcg-mon. Salvatore requested the ability to select multiple instances at once; Maarten reports a bug about reports.

Maarten asks to remove unsafe characters like square brackets from dashboard URLs; Hector answers that they should be disabled now.

Pablo reports about the validation for the August availability: the main difference is caused by setting ARC-CEs to critical for ATLAS.

David asks to check that the LHCb VOfeed is processed correctly. Discussion about which services should be tested and which should be included in the official reports.
Pablo and Maarten confirm that the VOfeed is the only authoritative source of topology; agreed that all services in the VOfeed will be tested and their availability will be calculated; agreed to add a new attribute to VOfeed to flag which services should be excluded from the official reports.

3) AOB
The next meeting will be on October 10th, the topic will be WLCG transfer monitoring. Also any important followup on SAM3 transition.
Stefan volunteers to take minutes in an upcoming meeting.

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    • 2:00 PM 2:05 PM
      JIRA actions for September 5m
      Review of the JIRA actions scheduled for this and next month
      Speaker: Pablo Saiz (CERN)
    • 2:05 PM 2:15 PM
      SAM3 feedback from ALICE 10m
      Speaker: Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 2:15 PM 2:25 PM
      SAM3 feedback from ATLAS 10m
      Speaker: Dr Salvatore Tupputi (Universita e INFN (IT))
    • 2:25 PM 2:35 PM
      SAM3 feedback from CMS 10m
      Speakers: Dr Andrea Sciaba (CERN), Nicolo Magini (CERN)
    • 2:35 PM 2:45 PM
      SAM3 feedback from LHCb 10m
      Speaker: Dr Stefan Roiser (CERN)
    • 2:45 PM 2:55 PM
      SAM3 feedback from Operations 10m
      Speaker: Jose Flix Molina (Centro de Investigaciones Energ. Medioambientales y Tecn. - (ES)
    • 2:55 PM 3:00 PM
      Next meeting 5m