10-15 April 2016
UZ Obergurgl
Europe/Zurich timezone

GeV-ish Dark Matter in the Sun

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UZ Obergurgl

UZ Obergurgl

University Center Obergurgl Gaisbergweg 5 6456 Obergurgl Austria
Talk WED2


Giorgio Busoni


The Sun may act as a gravitational well and capture Dark Matter at a constant rate: DM would therefore accrete inside the Sun. In absence of Annihilation (for example, for Asymmetric Dark Matter) the total number of captured DM particles at $t=t_{sun}$ may have stabilised to a constant number only if capture goes in equilibrium with evaporation, for DM masses below 5-10 GeV, while for higher masses it cannot have reached equilibrium yet. Evaporation thus plays a very important role in determining the total quantity of DM particles trapped in the sun for $m_{DM} < 10 GeV$. The presence of GeV-ish Dark Matter would modify energy transport in the Sun, thus is a potential solution of the Solar Abundance problem. However, DM with a constant SI or SD interaction cross section does not modify the energy transport in the right way to solve the Abundance problem, therefore here we consider DM with with momentum and velocity-dependent interactions.

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