WLCG-OSG-EGEE Operations meeting

28-R-15 (CERN conferencing service (joining details below))


CERN conferencing service (joining details below)

Weekly OSG, EGEE, WLCG infrastructure coordination meeting.
We discuss the weekly running of the production grid infrastructure based on weekly reports from the attendees. The reported issues are discussed, assigned to the relevant teams, followed up and escalated when needed. The meeting is also the forum for the sites to get a summary of the weekly WLCG activities and plans
  • OSG operations team
  • EGEE operations team
  • EGEE ROC managers
  • WLCG coordination representatives
  • WLCG Tier-1 representatives
  • other site representatives (optional)
  • GGUS representatives
  • VO representatives
  • To dial in to the conference:
    a. Dial +41227676000
    b. Enter access code 0140768

    OR click HERE

    NB: Reports were not received in advance of the meeting from:

  • ROCs:
  • VOs:
      • 4:00 PM 4:00 PM
        Feedback on last meeting's minutes
        Previous minutes
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        EGEE Items 29m
        • <big> Grid-Operator-on-Duty handover </big>
          From: Russia / France
          To: South East Europe / CERN

          Report from Russian COD:
          1. Nothing to report.
          Report from French COD:
          1. Request for site to be Suspended:
            - https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=35877 Site ru-Chernogolovka-IPCP-LCG2 is not responding after a demand of downtime and several mails.
        • <big> PPS Report & Issues </big>
          Please find Issues from EGEE ROCs and general info in:

        • <big> gLite Release News</big>

          Release News:
          Please find gLite release news in:

        • <big> EGEE issues coming from ROC reports </big>
          1. France ROC: IN2P3-CC T1: How to publish CE authorization restriction for a VO? We restricted the access to production role for CMS and Atlas on our T1. But is it possible to publish this in order to prevent job submission from unauthorized people ?

          2. SW Europe ROC: PIC: Strange behavior of the SAM tests this weekend. Two SAM tests where send to the CEs within 10 minutes. The first was OK, the second failed without an obvious reason. This tests where executed at the end of a period where when the SRM tests were marked gray at GRIDVIEW.
        • <big>Drop of support for plain proxies</big>
          At present, gLite software is being certified by SA3 using both plain grid proxies as well as VOMS proxies. As the EGEE project has moved away from plain grid proxies to VOMS-based proxies, and SA3 is trying to make the best of its limited manpower, SA3 has proposed to the TMB (former TCG) to drop the support for plain grid proxies (i.e. generated via grid-proxy-init) in the EGEE m/w. EGEE will certify services only with VOMS proxies. Problems or bugs affecting services accessed using plain proxies will be no longer fixed. If you have any objection to this proposal please write to egee-tcg-site-rep@cern.ch before the next TMB (Wed. 18th June 2008).
        • <big> Issue with upgrade of MyProxy to gLite 3.1</big>
          The myproxy-server daemon will hang when it is started from a non-interactive shell. It appears to work fine when started from an interactive shell.
          The cause of the problem is that the myproxy-server has been linked against a multi-threaded flavor of Globus instead of the single-threaded flavor expected by the code.
          We have asked the VDT project for an urgent rebuild of the code against the correct Globus flavor. We will certify the new RPM and release it to production with high priority.
          In the meantime sites can either stay with the MyProxy service provided by gLite 3.0, or restart the myproxy-server interactively as needed.
      • 4:30 PM 5:00 PM
        WLCG Items 30m
        • <big> WLCG issues coming from ROC reports </big>
          1. No items this week.
        • <big>WLCG Service Interventions (with dates / times where known) </big>
          Link to CIC Portal (broadcasts/news), scheduled downtimes (GOCDB) and CERN IT Status Board

        • The site TAU-LCG2 will be decommissioned on June 15. Until then it is put in SD. If you need data from the SE or have any other questions, feel free to contact the site admin.

        • PIC Tier-1 will have an Scheduled Downtime next tuesday the 10th of july in order to perform interventions on various grid services: SRM (dcache upgrade), CE (NFS sw area migration), FTS (head node migration), LFC-atlas (DB backend migration) and LHCb-DIRAC (IP changes). The SD and broadcast have been already filed in the GOCDB.

          Time at WLCG T0 and T1 sites.

  • <big> Items from Alice </big>
  • <big> Items from ATLAS </big>
  • <big> Items from CMS </big>
    • Sites/regions full CCRC reports at last CMS Facilities Ops meeting:
    • Post-mortem info, in preparation to the CCRC ws on June 12-13, are being filled at https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/CMSCCRC08 and links therein.
    Speaker: Daniele Bonacorsi
  • <big> Items from LHCb </big>
  • 5:00 PM 5:30 PM
    OSG Items 30m
    The following tickets need follow up: https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=35724(URGENT) https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=36210 https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=36261
    Speaker: Rob Quick (OSG - Indiana University)
  • 5:30 PM 5:35 PM
    Review of action items 5m
    list of actions
  • 5:35 PM 5:35 PM