15-17 June 2015
Nikhef, Amsterdam
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Requirements and Specifications for metal cooling tubes for evaporative CO2 cooling

15 Jun 2015, 11:00
Z011 (Nikhef, Amsterdam)


Nikhef, Amsterdam

Science Park 105 Amsterdam


Georg Viehhauser (University of Oxford (GB))


As part of our R&D on cooling tubes for the barrel strip system of the ATLAS phase II tracker upgrade we have identified requirements and specifications for these tubes. One of the most important of these is the understanding of the pressure requirements. For this definitions and the subsequent calculations of required wall thickness by design by formula (DBF) we follow EN and ASME standards, as much as they are applicable. Because of the special constraints the cooling tube will be subjected to within the local support staves we have backed up these calculations by FEA studies of the stresses in the tubes (design by analysis - DBA). We have a preference for metallic tubes and our R&D has focused on stainless steel and titanium, and we will present the calculations for these materials, but the approach can easily be generalized. In this presentation we will list all requirements and their inputs under special consideration of the relevant parts of the EN and ASME standards.

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