15-17 June 2015
Nikhef, Amsterdam
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Module Designs and Assembly for CMS Tracker Phase 2 Upgrade

16 Jun 2015, 16:30
Z011 (Nikhef, Amsterdam)


Nikhef, Amsterdam

Science Park 105 Amsterdam


Pierre Rose (Ministere des affaires etrangeres et europeennes (FR))


PS (Pixel-Strip) modules and 2S (Strip-Strip) modules will be the detection devices used for the future phase 2 upgrade of the CMS Tracker. 7084 PS modules and 8424 2S modules would be integrated on different parts of the detector (TBPS, TB2S, Endcap Double-Disc) for more than 218 m² of active silicon sensor surface. Both modules are designed to be as light as possible to ensure minimal impact on tracking from the material budget. However, the modules must also have sufficient strength, a high mechanical precision, and efficient heat removal to support/cooling structures and thus materials such as carbon-fibre/polymer and aluminium/carbon-fibre composites are being employed. The assembly of the modules must at the same time allow for high throughput as well as mechanical precision (especially the silicon sensors) and thus tooling and assembly procedures must be well conceived. The presentation summarizes the current status of the module designs and also describes some of the prototype jigs needed to build them.

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