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513/1-024 (CERN)



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Meeting with developers from LCG applications
- Power tests this morning . at least LCG_SAM and LCG_GRIDVIEW notice some problems during the failover of the service. John Shade asked if would be possible to be warned when service get failed over. Judit requested a better announcement of tests that can affect availability of the database. . Applications should correctly handle some errors: connection management - Announce and Schedule Interventions . Following the upgrade intervention, James raised that we should come back to the format where a main contact keeps plan and progress of the operations. This person would also be responsible to contact all parts involved and assure the restart of all services (by contacting SM of each affected service). - Move from DBMS_JOB to DBMS_SCHEDULER . need to give CREATE JOB privilege (Miguel Anjo) . Affected users: LCG_FTS_PROD, LCG_FTS_PROD_T2, LCG_SAM_PPS . Documentation: - End of usage of Synonyms . Developers raised it very difficult to hard code schema name. . Developers willing to move away from crossed privileges and have just one-level synonyms (synonyms only from reader/writer to owner account, not to other reader/writer) . to be checked possibility of using single account with special "DDL role" - Developers tasks . Raised the need of maintaining partitions (create/remove). Specially for SAM/Gridview. Given awareness to FTS. . Necessary deletion policy for SAM (on James/John) . Need to defrag tables based on list on report. Necessary to create wiki (on Miguel) and follow up with Oracle why only T_FILE table is affected (on Miguel) . Requests to production should go via James. Necessary to improve documentation about necessary checklist and info needed to give to DBA beforehand (on Miguel). Current checklists at: General Advices, Development Stages - ServiceMap reader/writer account to be created. Start using with LCG_GRIDMAP service (James) - LCG_GRIDMAP_* users should use LCG_GRIDMAP service (James/Felix) - SAM partitioning . necessary to create new partitions from TESTDATA table. Move old data to TESTDATA_HISTORY. (David/Miguel) - Weekly report checkup . short connections from several users, including from one dev machine. Tbc by uevelopers . LCG_FCR having too many logical reads to physical reads. Send main queries (Miguel, Judit) . Missing bind variables (VOMS, Gridview, SAM) . Awareness about using Oracle functions on left side of WHERE clause (should not be done, except if function based index exists). - Lemon metric for DB/service availability . Developers requested a metric for availability of their service so they can follow up/react on changes. On Miguel to see possibilities. - Next meeting: 29th July at 14:00.
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