MICA II Particle Physics Mini-Workshop

Sala Linux (Pontificia Universidad Catolica)

Sala Linux

Pontificia Universidad Catolica

    • 16:30 16:50
      CMS Data Analysis 20m
      Speakers: Daniela Gayoso (Colegio Latino Cordillera), Patrick Mooney (Trinity School/University of Notre Dame)
    • 16:50 17:10
      Getting ready for LHC14, Higgs distributions and hunting electroweakinos 20m
      Speaker: Adam Martin (University of Notre Dame)
    • 17:10 17:30
      Higgs Boson(s) and Supersymmetry 20m
      Speaker: Marco Aurelio Diaz (PUC)
    • 17:30 17:50
      Asymmetric dark matter and pulsars falling into black holes at the center of the galaxy 20m
      Speaker: Joseph Bramante (University of Notre Dame)
    • 17:50 18:10
      Fermi-LAT view of the Galactic Center 20m
      Speaker: German Arturo Gomez Vargas (Pontificia Universidad Catolica)
    • 18:10 18:30
      Reactor Antineutrinos: the Ghosts of Nuclear Power Plants 20m
      Speaker: J. Pedro Ochoa (Pontificia Universidad Catolica)
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