CERN Heavy Ion Forum

Centrality dependence of particle production in Pb+Pb collisions

by K. Reygers (Univ. Munster)

40-S2-A01 (CERN)



by K. Reygers for WA98 / Univ. Munster, S. Kabana for NA52 / Univ. Bern, P. Seyboth for NA49 / MPI Munich, S. Esumi for NA45 / Univ. Heidelberg, N. Carrer for WA97 / INFN, Univ. Padua. The CERN SPS Heavy Ion experiments have reported on the centrality dependence of a large number of observables for p+A and Pb+Pb collisions. Different methods have been employed to derive the centrality of the collision, dictated by the setup of each experiment. In order to conclude on the behaviour of those observables as a function of centrality it is necessary to scrutinise the procedures used in deriving the number of participants or impact parameter of the collision. Continuing the series of Heavy Ion Forum dedicated to this issues experiments NA45, NA49, NA50, NA52, WA97, WA98 will report on the details of the methods employed for the analysis as well as on the results of the centrality dependence of particle production.

Organiser(s): Yiota Foka and Ulrich Heinz
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