CLIC Seminar

MEETING of the CLIC Physics Study Group


40-SS-A01 (CERN)



09:00 to 10:40 Chair: QCD studies T. Wengler '20 Top Production L. Salmi '20 TGC's at CLIC F. Nagel '20 SUSY Benchmarks Studies (I) M. Gruwe '20 11:00-12:30 Chair: SUSY Benchmarks Studies (II) M. Battaglia '20 Heavy H+/- Studies A. Ferrari '20 Determination of Higgs self-couplings at high-energy e+e- linear colliders M. Muhlleitner '20 Higgs potential and MSSM F. Boudjema '20 14:00-17:30 , 40-SS-A01 Chair: Discriminating stringy scenarios from sparticle spectra Benjamin Allanach '20 Light Higgs Studies M. Battaglia '20 Contact Interactions M. Battaglia (S. Riemann) '20 Z' and Precision Measurements M. Battaglia/Florence Group '20 Black Holes at CLIC A. De Roeck '20 Transplanckian collisions at CLIC G. Guidice '20 SUSY scalar production in the electroweak regime of lepton colliders C. Verzegnassi '25
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