Weekly South West SA1 Meeting

VRVS Desert Virtual Room

VRVS Desert Virtual Room

Pacheco, Andreu
    • 12:00 PM 12:15 PM
      New members added to the project 15m
      Two new members have joined this week, one from IFAE/PIC and one from INTA.
      Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (PIC - Barcelona)
      • Carlos Borrego - (Funded 100%) 15m
        Carlos Borrego Iglesias is graduated in Computer Science in the School of Computer Science at "Universidad PolitACcnicade Madrid". His graduate thesis was developed at CERN during the year 2000. From 2001 until 2004 he has been working as a system administrator for CASPUR, a supercomputer laboratory in Rome, Italy. Now is working at PIC-Barcelona for the EGEE project.
        Speaker: Borrego, Carlos (IFAE/PIC)
      • Alain Lepinette (Unfunded 33%) 15m
        Alain Lepinette Malvitte is a Aeronautic Engineer from the INTA. His email is lepinettema@inta.es, phone +34 915202016 and fax +34 915201074. Activity: High Performance Computing, Numerical Modeling of Impact Crater Formation, Planetary Formation, Combustion, Cluster Administrator
        Speaker: Lepinette, Alain (INTA)
    • 12:05 PM 12:20 PM
      Report to the ROC Managers meeting Tuesday 22nd June 15m
      Tomorrow there will be the weekly phone conference for the roc managers meeting where there will be an agreement on the plans to complete the execution plan and the quaterly report (April-June 2004). Several information is requested:
      Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
      • List of who is submitting timesheets from the SWE federation to SA1 15m
        Speaker: All the SA1 partner contacts (SA1 Partner Contacts)
      • Uptodate people information tables in section 5 of the quaterly report 15m
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
      • Risk assesment 15m
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
      • Training plan 15m
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
      • Current draft of the ROC Plan 15m
        This is detailed in the next point of the agenda of this meeting.
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
      • Mailing list used to contact the people in SA1 activity 15m
        This information is easy. The mailing list is project-eu-egee-sa1-swe@cern.ch A link is proveded for the web server list of messages sent to the lis up to date.
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
        more information
      • Phone numbers of people on the ROC Managers list 15m
        The current members of the SWE federation on the roc managers list are: ROC Mgr: Andreu Pacheco +34 93 581 2822 Deputy ROC Mgr: Jorge Gomes '+351 2 17 97 38 80 Alter ROC Mgr: Gonzalo Merino +34 93 581 3322
        Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
    • 12:10 PM 12:25 PM
      SA1 Execution Plan for the South West Federation 15m
      This is the most urgent document in our activity. We can say its a little bit delayed. The time limit to present the finished document is at the end of june, however it is expected to be ready for yesterday.
      Speaker: Pacheco, Andreu (IFAE/PIC-Barcelona)
    • 12:15 PM 12:30 PM
      A.O.B. 15m
      Speaker: Everybody (SA1-SWE)