Micro Pet



P. Weilhammer
The name of the conference call is MICROPET, under P. Weilhammer's name. To connect dial +41 22 767 7000 and ask for this conference.
    • 3:00 PM 5:00 PM
      Discussion 2h
      • Compton PET Specific Aims 30m
        Speaker: Neal (Umich)
      • TAB bonding 15m
      • Budget 15m
        Present budget too large Strategy: Get grant funded, cutting as necessary. Write additional, focused grants (almost immediately) to assist in development (DoE is an especially likely target since they fund lots of small animal PET stuff; NIH for PEM application? Other?). Story must be good! Silicon packaging and timing especially are still huge issues! Reviewers were skeptical last time when we reported 17ns FWHM; with 200ns fast shaper now it's ~80ns FWHM!
      • Admin details 15m
        1. Biosketches in NIH format 2. Letter indicating interest in participating 3. Text justifying requested budget 4. Resources and Environment information (I have some boilerplate from the past). 5. Links to any of your published papers you think are relevant And for the body of the proposal 6. Text on what's been done and how goals will be accomplished (Carlos' report on TAB, for example) And pictures are always good.
        Speaker: Neal (Umich)