CERN Computing Seminar

Report on the Brookhaven HEPiX Meeting

by Matthias Schroder, Rafal Otto and Helge Meinhard (CERN/IT)

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium


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The Autumn 2004 meeting of HEPiX-HEPNT was held at Brookhaven from 18th to 22nd October 2004. HEPiX is a global organization of service managers and support staff providing computing facilities for the High Energy Physics community. All operating systems used by HEP are covered, including UNIX, Windows and other operating environments. The first three days of the meeting were devoted to general HEP computing issues. The last one and a half days were for a workshop with topic 'Large Systems SIG / Platforms for Physics'.

The speakers at this joint Computing/After-C5 Seminar will present their views of the HEPiX meeting.

Organiser(s): Julian Blake / IT Department
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