Deployment Area Meeting

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium


Bird, I
VRVS: Island Phone: +41 22 767 7000 and ask for LCG Deployment with Ian Bird

Notes from the LCG GDA meeting



The chairman, Ian Bird, went through his transparencies (linked from the agenda) informing the attendees about progress on various fixes and requesting feedback on priorities concerning the next release. Namely:

  • Replica Manager (RM) issues:
    Some problems are fixed in the area of RLS RM/POOL interaction. Deployment of the new version that can be used by CMS immediately starts this week. Some more fixes are in the pipeline for the next release. A work-around is already available but wasn't adopted by Atlas.
  • RLS migration:
    There seems to be a concensus that a migration is not needed and we can start with a clean catalog in LCG-2.
    There was a question from Markus Schulz whether files from the LCG-1 SE need to be migrated. Experiments promised to check (***ACTION***: Experiment representatives) and reply by the next meeting, but most probably these files can be deleted.
  • RLS replication for CMS DC04:
    CMS had agreed with the CERN/IT/DB group to perform some tests. LCG representatives from CNAF were assuming that a production service was promised. This will be discussed at the PEB (***ACTION***: Ian Bird).
  • CVS:
    The EDG CVS is now copied into the LCG CVS. LCG will be the front-line for requests and bug reporting, no more feed-in should be done via the Work Packages (WPs). Savannah should be the only tool to use for bug reporting, problem registration, request submission etc.
  • Release schedule:
    We are aiming at regular releases, like POOL, probably once a month. One is planned for this week, which will include a new BDII, in addition to the production one, for sites that wish to test it. The next release will be at the end of March and will include RLS and RM fixes. Highest priority for the March release is to have the SRM interfaces and all required functionality in place. Experiments are invited to send other issues of priority for that release to the mailing list .
  • R-GMA:
    RAL agreed to test R-GMA, in particular the accounting system, the hardware monitoring and the job sibmission monitoring, in particular for CMS. For this last aspect of the testing, CMS will nominate a person, probably based in the UK, to work directly with RAL and become responsible for the deployment of R-GMA for the experiments (***ACTION***: CMS representatives).
  • Issues for future meetings:
    • IP connectivity.
    • Experiment software installation process.
    • Others (***ACTION***: Experiment representatives submit suggestions to the mailing list)
  • A.O.B.:
    • FNAL reported progress on SRM to Enstore and dCache development:
      dCache was installed on the EIS testbed and used gridftp and the RM apparently without problems. One month for the next release is considered a good timescale. Implemented and tested the SRM interface for:
      • Advisory delete
      • (un)pin files
    • Heinz Stockinger asked for a more visible web location of the current release. Relevant information is now in which is linked from the users' entry page.
    • People are reminded that this meeting is agenda-driven and discussion items should be submitted to the list which is a self-subscription mailing list with web archiving activated.
    • The chairman apologised for the non-working telephone connection.


Maria Dimou, IT/GD, Grid Infrastructure Services

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