New Instruments for Neutrino Relics and Mass

6-2-024 AB Auditorium (CERN)

6-2-024 AB Auditorium


We will bring together experts in both theory and experiment to evaluate the prospects for measuring the absolute neutrino mass with new (post-KATRIN) technologies, and for eventually detecting cosmological neutrino relics with radioactive isotopes. These technologies include radioactive ion storage rings, crystallized beams, beta beams, atomic spectroscopy, low-Q isotopes, laser atomic trapping, laser detection, and evaporative cooling. The goal of this workshop will be to identify promising directions for detector and beams technology development, stimulate theoretical work useful towards these measurements, identify the technologies which can reach the next orders of magnitude over KATRIN sensitivity and possibly discover neutrino relics, and to sketch a design for a next-generation neutrino mass instrument or research that could lead in this direction.
  • Alfredo Giuseppe Cocco
  • amelia maio
  • Angelo Nucciotti
  • Anna Sejersen Riis
  • Bob Mc Elrath
  • Christian Weinheimer
  • Christopher Orme
  • Christopher Tunnell
  • Christophor Kozhuharov
  • Evgeny Akhmedov
  • Fedor Bezrukov
  • Joachim Kopp
  • Jose Maneira
  • Manfred Lindner
  • Marcello Messina
  • Motohiko Yoshimura
  • Nathal Severijns
  • Oliver Kirsebom
  • Paolo Strolin
  • Pasquale Dario Serpico
  • Steen Hannestad
  • Szilard Nagy
  • Thomas Schwetz-Mangold