TH Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology

(Strong) Double Higgs production at the LHC as a window on the mechanism of EWSB

by Roberto Contino (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


After a light Higgs boson is discovered at the LHC, the most pressing question will be: is it the weakly interacting agent of EWSB required by the SM (or SUSY) paradigm? If the EWSB sector is strongly interacting and the hierarchy problem is solved via dimensional transmutation the light Higgs could arise as a composite pseudo-Goldstone boson, and it will only partly unitarize the SM scattering amplitudes. Double Higgs production via vector boson fusion at the LHC provides one of the few ways to probe the strength of the Higgs interactions. I will report on a detailed study to assess the capability of the LHC to observe this challenging process.
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Stefano Frixione