CERN Entrepreneurship Meet-Up: Global Entrepreneurship Week

B3179 (CERN)




As a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Knowledge Transfer Group (KT) invites people from inside and outside of CERN to attend a panel discussion on the creation of interdisciplinary start-up teams. The event is hosted at IdeaSquare.

Every other week, KT arranges CERN Entrepreneurship Meet-Ups where people interested in innovation and entrepreneurship can meet to learn about and discuss related topics. This Meet-Up is the first to be open for the public.

If you do not have an access card to CERN, please meet outside the Reception building (building 33) at 18:00 so that we can escort you to IdeaSquare where the discussion will be held. To get to the CERN Reception from Geneva, take tram 18 to "CERN" which is the final stop (see the access map for more information). After the panel discussion you will have the opportunity to mingle and enjoy some light refreshments.

The panel will consist of Nettra Pan, Giovanni Porcellana, Steffen Raetzer and Daniel Dobos.

  • Adrian Crestar Santome
  • aitkaci zohra
  • Alda Sadiku
  • Alexander Brown
  • Alicia Garcia Torrico
  • Andrii Tykhonov
  • Augustin Lakhdari
  • Beatrice Montesi
  • Bibiana Jurado
  • Boiana Mihova
  • Christelle Xu
  • Clemens Lange
  • Curt Schultz
  • Cédric CHAPUS
  • Dan Fuochi
  • Daniela Jindra
  • Eric Iven
  • Francesco Crivellari
  • Giovanni Anelli
  • Gleb Stiforov
  • Hugo Alistair Day
  • Iordan Doytchinov
  • Isabelle Litzler
  • Jacopo Notarstefano
  • Jean-Michel HAMDI
  • Job van de Kieft
  • juan Carlos Allica
  • Lisa Laroussi-Libeault
  • Lyubomir Nenov
  • Malgorzata Ogorek
  • Manuela Cirilli
  • Marc Banjan
  • Marcello Bindi
  • Marcos Val
  • Maxence Musset
  • Michel Crevatin
  • Mieczyslaw Dabrowski
  • Mikhail Botkine
  • Nuno Couto
  • Paola Schultz
  • Paul Vermeulen
  • Pawel Grzywaczewski
  • Petya Georgieva
  • philippe lafarge
  • Rebeca Moreno Jimenez
  • Samo Tuma
  • Sophio (Sophie) Pataraia
  • Stefan Sailer
  • Stephane Volland
  • Steve Diamant
  • Thomas Oulevey
  • Toon Roggen
  • Vojtech Simetka
    • 1
      Informal tour of IdeaSquare
    • 2
      Welcome to IdeaSquare
    • 3
      Panel Discussion
    • 4
      Networking and light refreshments