LPC Theorist of the Week

Matt Strassler - Hidden Valley Scenarios at the LHC (2/2)

Sunrise 11NE (Fermilab)

Sunrise 11NE


Batavia, IL, USA
See http://www.uscms.org/uscms_at_work/physics/lpc/theory/theorist-ofthe-week.html : Matt Strassler is a quantum field theorist whose research ranges across string theory, model building and collider physics. He will be speaking about the "hidden valley scenario", which he developed with Kathryn Zurek. In this scenario, new particles and forces in a hidden sector can be accessed at the Tevatron or LHC, generating a wide range of possible phenomena. These little-studied new-physics signatures include exceptionally high-multiplicity final states, unusual jets, new light long-lived particles, enhancements of the underlying event, etc., and can pose challenges for triggering, reconstruction and analysis. This is a two-part series of talks, with experimental interaction throughout the week.
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