LHC@home online tutorial - 5th rehearsal

513/R-068 (CERN)



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Karolina Maria Bozek (Jagiellonian University (PL))

Following a talk on MOOCs (the 1st one on page http://indico.cern.ch/e/ITLT-7 with slides and recording linked) where a step-by-step tutorial for LHC@home is mentioned as an example, all IT people related to the project agreed for Karolina to give an online tutorial, screen-shots, video, if needed, etc. as a fort of detailed instructions to link from http://lhcathome.web.cern.ch/ and https://wlcg-ops.web.cern.ch/article/08-2015/join-lhchome-volunteer-computing-project.


This is our 5th rehearsal. The time was down to 8 mins at the 4th rehearsal. The objective of this one is to drop under 5 minutes and to use slides instead of typing in the command line live in the recording. We are close to the Final version!

The rehearsal takes place in IT room 513-R-068. Vidyo is available for people to give live comment.The recording room is usually 42-R-402. Unfortunately, this room as well as all other rooms with audiovisual in building 31 are booked for this date.

Karolina, Maria, Pete and Nils were present today. We decided:

a. Look at the camera and give the 1st section of self-introduction in a confident, calm and friendly way.

b. Say only that Win and Mac installation instructions are available on THIS web page (say which!)

c. Clearly declare the beginning of a new section, e.g.

  1. First we install BOINC
  2. Now we are done with the BOINC installation, we have to proceed with  the project selection
  3. Now we install the virtualbox because...
  4. Last we connect our account with BOINC

d. The commands for the BOINC installation will be in a tab of the browse in an HTML-formatted file.

  1. Commands for Fedora, debian, CentOS, ubuntu... that are different grouped together.
  2. Commands that follow and are common to all
  3. a clear instruction about the boinc-client, i.e. what to do for it to run, if it is needed for the use of the BOINC manager to work.

Use the BOINC manager to select the project. Let the experienced volunteers find out about the command line option.

Use vLHCathome instead of atlasathome as example, as we may make a dedicated tutorial for atlasathome.

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