BI Seminars

JiRA & Wikis as collaboration and QA Tools

by Chen Xu (CERN), Marian Zurek (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL)), Marine Gourber-Pace (CERN)

892/1-B09 (CERN)



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Jira and Confluence aka “Wikis” are two collaboration tools provided by BE-CO since 2004 and in many teams across the accelerator sector. JIRA is used for the planning of work and for tracking issues (e.g. from OP) until they are resolved. Wikis is a tool to collaboratively produce documentation on the web. In CO virtually all projects and activities are heavily relying on these tools. Marine will illustrate how she uses them in her role as Exploitation Manager, and Marian will outline the service and support BE-CO provides, and give some recommendations and best practices. As an example of usage within the BI group, Chen will present how Jira is used in the BL section. The presentations will be followed by discussions.