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Sunrise - WH11NE (Fermilab)

Sunrise - WH11NE


Artur Apresyan (California Institute of Technology (US)) , Jim Hirschauer (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
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      Boosting the search for new physics: jet substructure and SUSY searches in Run 2 and beyond
      The significant increase in center-of-mass energy for Run 2 of the LHC strengthens the discovery potential for massive new particles. Consequently, the probability to produce highly Lorentz-boosted massive particles such as W/Z/top/higgs from the decays of such new particles is now greater than ever. I will present the status of the jet substructure and boosted object tagging approaches in the ATLAS Experiment for Run 2. These techniques are already being deployed successfully in searches for massive gluinos decaying to boosted top quarks and have significantly increased the sensitivity of such searches. I will then look toward the future and describe a new level 1 trigger hardware system for ATLAS, the Global Feature Extractor, that is meant to identify and trigger on large-radius boosted objects in future runs of the LHC.
      Speaker: David Miller (University of Chicago (US))