Discussion on WLCG space accounting



Summary of the discussion.


Looks like there is a lot of commonalities between ATLAS and CMS both in terms of requirements and in terms of already existing implementation. LHCb view was not presented at the meeting, though it was decided that we try to find an opportunity to meet with LHCb early next week.

The first area which we might need to address in a generic way is agreement on a common content/format of the storage dumps.

Second step is to review the implementation of the existing storage dump scripts, understand whether we have it for all possible storage implementation, arrange work on validation and testing. 

Next will be deployment effort, which could be organized by the WLCG operations. We might need a task force to follow it up.

The area of data collection, aggregation and visualization needs more investigation, in particular what can be done in common and which part is experiment specific. This investigation can be another area of work of the working group mentioned above, or can be another team of people. Should be discussed further.



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