HiggsTools Journal Club XIV: Toolkit for discoveries @ LHC

by Yacine Haddad (Durham University /Imperial College London)



Yacine Haddad (U. Durham & CMS) Abstract: The recent results from the LHC on the high mass diphoton research have pointed out an excess at 750 GeV in both ATLAS and CMS experiments. In the wake of these results, a question remains on all lips; Is it really a new boson? When can we say that "the observed excess" on our mass distribution is a new particle? How can we quantify the degree of certainty? In this talk, we will try to address these critical questions taking as an example the 750 GeV excess and the Higgs discovery in the diphoton channel. Therefore, we will review the statistical methods by introducing the concept of the significance and upper limit under the frequentist and Bayesian approaches. A special attention will be then devoted to results interpretation at LHC.