LHC Seminar

Recent Multiboson measurements with the ATLAS experiment

by Yusheng Wu (University of Michigan; Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

222/R-001 (CERN)



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Measurements of the cross sections of the production of two electroweak gauge bosons constitute stringent tests of the electroweak sector of the Standard Model and provide a model-independent means to search for new physics at the TeV scale. We present recent ATLAS measurements of inclusive and differential cross sections for WW, WZ, ZZ and Z + photon at centre of mass energies of 8 TeV and 13 TeV. Large next-to-next-to-leading order QCD corrections were recently calculated and are confronted with the measurements. We also present recent ATLAS measurements of inclusive cross sections for electroweak production of WZ + 2 jets and production of Z + di-photon at 8 TeV. Differential distributions sensitive to anomalous triple and quartic gauge couplings have been studied and limits on new physics have been derived.

Organized by

M. Mangano, C. Lourenço, G. Unal.

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