MSC Seminars

Performance of LHC Cryostats

by Mr Cesare Maglioni (CERN)

30/7-012 (CERN)



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The thermal performance of the LHC cryostats has been modeled, parameterized and analyzed by the various thermal models, experimental setups and strings tested at CERN. The first commissioning of the whole machine, started in January 2007, provided the first possibility to validate this performance directly on the real machine. This seminar presents final assessment of the static heat loads to the 1.9K cold mass in the LHC arc cryostats, and of the static load to the 50-75K thermal shield, evaluated using different experimental methods during the first LHC commissioning started in January 2007. The comparison of measured heat loads with previous estimates and with budgeted values is then presented, while the results correlation with some important parameters like insulation vacuum pressure and thermalization temperatures is proposed and discussed.
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Ezio Todesco