Geneva GiP Day 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017 - 8:00 AM
Musèe d'Ethnographie de Genève (Auditorium)

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Jan 26, 2017
9:00 AM Registration + Coffee   (Auditorium)
10:00 AM
Session on Analysis of GEPs at UniGE -Prof. Jérôme Lacour (University de Geneva) (until 11:00 AM) (Auditorium)
10:00 AM Welcome from the UniGE Rectorate - Prof. Michel Oris (Université de Genève)   (Auditorium)
10:10 AM Objectives of the meeting, introduction on the GENERA project and a - Prof. Teresa Montaruli (Universite de Geneve (CH)) Tessa Carver (University of Geneva)   (Auditorium)
10:35 AM Le Bureau d’Egalité and GEPs at UniGE also related to Physics/Astronomy domains - Dr Brigitte Mantilleri (Université de Genève)   (Auditorium)
11:00 AM
A view from outside: the international experience -Dr Gabriela Obexer-Ruff (Swissuniversities) (until 12:32 PM) (Auditorium)
11:00 AM How to Gender Physics - Prof. Tomas Brage (LUND)   (Auditorium)
11:23 AM Equal Opportunity Programs in Switzerland: analysis of actions. - Prof. Doris Wastl-Walter (University of Bern)   (Auditorium)
11:46 AM Affirmative actions and quotas in academic recruitment? An example from another research field. - Mrs Brander Stefanie (University de Lausanne)   (Auditorium)
12:09 PM Early academic careers in science: lessons learnt from the GARCIA project - Dr Sabine Kradolfer (University de Lausanne)   (Auditorium)
12:32 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Session on the liaison between School and University -Dr Thomas Berghoefer (PT-DESY) (until 3:10 PM) (Auditorium)
1:30 PM The ATHENA program - Prof. Michele Maggiore (Universite de Geneve (CH))   (Auditorium)
1:50 PM PhysiScope - Prof. Christoph Renner (Université de Genève)   (Auditorium)
2:10 PM Enhancing the interest of young girls and female teens for scientific fields through workshops, courses and science weeks. - Dr Farnaz Moser (EPFL) Mrs Helene Fueger (EPFL)   (Auditorium)
2:40 PM Introducing modern cosmology in high schools - Dr Gasparini Maria Alice (High School Russeau)   (Auditorium)
2:55 PM An historical touch: Physics and molecular biology at the University of Geneva - Prof. Sandra Citi (University of Geneva)   (Auditorium)
3:10 PM
Session on Analysis of GEPs in Switzerland in RFO -Prof. Anna Sfyrla (Universite de Geneve (CH)) (until 3:50 PM) (Auditorium)
3:10 PM SNSF and gender - Dr Francois Baumgartner (SNSF)   (Auditorium)
3:30 PM The NCCR experience - Dr Anna Garry (ETHZ)   (Auditorium)
3:50 PM --- Coffee ---
4:20 PM
Discussion -Dr Maya Widmer Mrs Brigitte Mantilleri (until 6:00 PM) (Auditorium)
6:00 PM Concluding Remarks   (Auditorium)
6:20 PM
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