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Sunrise - WH11NE (Fermilab)

Sunrise - WH11NE


Artur Apresyan (California Institute of Technology (US)), Jamie Antonelli (The Ohio State University (US))
Signatures of Flavorful Higgs Bosons The last four years Higgs measurements have established that the main origin of the weak gauge bosons' mass as well as of the third generation quark and lepton masses is the 125 GeV Higgs boson. Little is known about the origin of mass of the 1st and 2nd generation fermions. We discuss the phenomenology of a class of two Higgs doublet models (2HDMs) with a non-standard Yukawa sector. One Higgs is mainly responsible for the masses of the weak gauge bosons and of the 3rd generation fermions, while the second Higgs provides mass for the lighter fermion. We will discuss the characteristic collider signatures of the setup that differ significantly from well studied 2HDMs with natural flavor conservation or minimal flavor violation. New production mechanisms for the heavy scalar, pseudoscalar and charged Higgs involving 2nd generation quarks can become dominant. New flavor violating heavy Higgs decays are naturally the smoking gun of this class of models. Furthermore, we will highlight the characteristic signatures of the model at low energy, focusing in particular on rare B meson decays.
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      Signatures of Flavorful Higgs Bosons 1h
      Speakers: Stefania Gori, Stefania Gori, Stefania Gori (Perimeter Institute/Cincinnati University), Stefania Gori