Arts and Science


by Mr Matias del Campo (Arts@CERN), Monica Bello (CERN), Mrs Sandra Manninger (Arts@CERN)

3179 (SXL1) (CERN)

3179 (SXL1)


IdeaSquare, Point 1. Building 3179 (SXL1)

Presenation by the architects Sandra Manninger and Matias Del Campo, who are the winning artists for ACCELERATE Austria. ACCELERATE is Arts@CERN's country specific award for a one-month research stay. 

Sandra and Matias will talk about their research which highlights how to go beyond beautiful data to discover something that could be defined voluptuous data. This coagulation of numbers, algorithms, procedures and programs uses the forces of thriving nature and, passing through the calculation of a multi-core processor, knits them with human desire.

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The talk is arranged as a part of the OSU@Transatlantic ( visit to IdeaSquare to introduce Arts@CERN and the artist to the visiting students. The event is open to all participants.