EP Seminar

Recent results and future perspectives on the measurement of the electron-neutrino mass

by Loredana Gastaldo (Heidelberg University)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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The mass scale of neutrinos is one of the fundamental open questions in modern physics, with far-reaching implications from cosmology to particle physics. Precision measurements of the kinematics of weak decays in unstable nuclides represent the only model-independent approach to address this question in a laboratory environment. Nowadays two nuclides are considered to be suitable for the determination of the neutrino mass: 3H, which undergoes a beta decay and 163Ho which decays through electron capture. The next milestone is to reach sub-eV sensitivity with respect to the electron (anti-)neutrino mass. The KATRIN, Project8 and PTOLEMY experiments are being developed to precisely measure the endpoint region of the electron spectrum in the 3H beta decay, while ECHo, HOLMES and NuMECS will target a precise calorimetric measurement of the 163Ho electron capture spectrum. In this talk, I will start by briefly reviewing the history of the field; I will then discuss the techniques that have been developed and make the new generation of experiments able to face the challenges of accessing the sub-eV sensitivity.

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