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Introduction to gantries and comparison of gantry design

25 Nov 2016, 11:00
CIEMAT - Madrid

CIEMAT - Madrid

Avenida Complutense 40, 28040, Madrid, Spain


Marco Pullia (CNAO), Frank Ebskamp (Danfysik)


This presentation reviews the state of the art of gantry designs and technologies. Gantries for proton particle therapy are currently installed worldwide, and there is a similar wish to use gantries for particle therapy using hadrons, such as carbon and helium. Only few carbon gantries have been built, based on normal-conducting magnets as well as superconducting magnet technology. Several other design concepts have been proposed, such as the Riesenrad design. A comparison of gantry designs will be presented, including investment cost and operational aspects.

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