HNSciCloud Tender Documents Access Request


This webpage is dedicated to the registration of parties interested in accessing the HNSciCloud Tender Documents. Please register below to be granted access to the Tender Documents.

You will receive a confirmation email, which will contain a link to the Tender repository, as well as a reference number to be provided in future correspondence with the HNSciCloud procurement team.

The tender documents are available as a compressed (zipped) folder which you should download then uncompress (unzip) to store the documents on your own computer.

The HNSciCloud project team will not respond to general enquiries. Interested parties shall read the Tender Documents prior to sending questions to via the dedicated form included as Appendix 7 to the Request for Tender.

For background information on HNSciCloud, watch the recordings of presentations made during the HNSciCloud Open Market Consultation (17 March 2016):

Thank you for your interest in HNSciCloud!

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