LabVIEW Summer Sessions (2/5)

by Adriaan Rijllart (CERN) , Patryk Wojciech Oleniuk (Ministere des affaires etrangeres et europeennes (FR))

3179/R-E06 (CERN)



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LabVIEW Summer Sessions is an after-work programming workshop for students, engineers and scientists willing to acquire new LabVIEW skills, organized at CERN

CERN LabVIEW support team and LabVIEW programmers at CERN organize a 5 week-series of evening workshops at CERN. The course will start from the basics (level 0) of LabVIEW, and it will comprise of weekly 2 hour-long meetings after work. With our help and based on official National Instruments materials, you can learn how to program in LabVIEW and how to interface it with simple hardware. Depending on the participants’ requests and needs, the topics of FPGA and Real-Time can also be explored. The course ends with the CLAD certification exam (Fist certificate in LabVIEW).

The course will be guided by Patryk Oleniuk (CERN, TE-EPC-CCE) with an assistance of CERN LabVIEW support team (Adriaan Rijllart). The course and materials are in English.

Start:     Tuesday 5th of July 6pm-8pm, IdeaSquare.

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Lessons(pdf + ppt):

Note: Organizers of the course work at CERN, and this is our after work volunteer activity. We are LabVIEW fans and want to share the knowledge about it. It’s a first touch to the subject of LabVIEW and should not be considered as a professional training by National Instruments nor by CERN. If you need this tool for your work, please refer to the Technical Training catalogue ( to find all formal LabVIEW trainings given at CERN.

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