First organizational meeting for the Beyond Leading Order Calculations on HPCs workshop


First organizational meeting for the Beyond Leading Order Calculations on HPCs:

Attending: Steve, Taylor, Liz, Salvatore, David Sheffield, Stefan

* Walter Gil, has agreed to give the opening talk, working on CPU machines.  Started the family of PDFs ideas.  We have encouraged him to contact other people like Frank P, and Raja Boughezal (they will attend).

* Steve agrees to send names of people who work on MadGraph, maybe Tim Steelier from UI Champagne Urbana, doesn't know if he is still working on it.

* Can we find a job for Kiren (from Buffalo)? McFM talk? give him a week of 100 cores as enticement 

* Taylor has reached out to the people on the doodle poll to get agenda commitments 

* First step is just getting people on the HOC machines.  Then we get to squeezing the most out of the machine.

* Lali, remote participation?  Do we want to be inclusive or encourage people to be in the room.  We could recorded it if it was on vidyo.  So the suggestion is that it be there but not advertised.  Taylor doesn't want vidyo because he wants it to be a working meeting.

* We should have a welcome talk.  Should invite ROB.  Should discuss future of computing moving toward HPC.

* CCE can only fund more common products not specific generators.  Hard if they are all EU authored.  Economic pressure on the community is the only way.  Postdoc level support could be provided for this.  We should bring it up at the workshop.  Common tools to do phase space integration might be a target.  Taylor could lead the discussion on this.

* Belgin guy is the main mad graph guy.  He is Fabio Maltoni or it might be easier to get his postdoc?  Olivier Mottlaer at Dhurmam, Madgraph5 launchpad.

Emaulue Ray from Powheg?  

* How do we write the generators so that they are robust to technology changes? Sherpa spend the large part of it's CPU time on program flow.  This could be a discussion topic.  Liz could lead discussion on this topic.

* Sal contributes that we should also have a hands on session to give them the tools for using OSG etc. would be part of Fri. session.  Taylor thinks about NERSC accounts but it could be dangerous, OSG is agreed to be safer because it is free for opportunistic use.  But we would need pre-exercises.

* Discussed conference committee problems.  Gabriele will get back to us.

* Arrival, departure time, institute, which generator, computing specialist ? , theorist, or experimental, interest in hands on?, position with drop down menu?

* find out the email address for the community to advertise to.

* Give experience talks from Josh for CMS and Taylor for ATLAS

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