On a WLCG demonstrator for regional feds

28/R-015 (CERN)



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Vidyo meeting to track progress and plan presentations

PArticipants: Rolf, Colin, Randy, Alessandra Doria, Alessandro de Salvo, Fabrizio, Silvio joined later


fab: I propose 4-5 slides each to compose a gdb presentation

randy: will be challenging, there's chep, and the belle computing workshop. Do we need to report at all the GDBs ?

fab: we don't need to be at all the gdbs, we get a slot when we have something to say to show the progress


AleDS: we don't have many news, we are starting migration of dpms, we will be able to test then before gdb, and using the new dpm with dome.

AleDoria: we can do it in a short time

Fab: would ... dpm/dome or dynafed ?

AleDS: dome was one of our goals. we are also trying to use the caching extending the tier1 using dpm in cache mode versus azure

fab: why not dynafed in front of azure?

AleDS: because we have to be transparent and panda is not working with pure dynafed nowadays

Fab: will you be ready to present something at the gdb in nov? AleDS: yes


Colin: we woud also like to use the analysis queues, should be trivial

fab: can we conclude that we can compose the pres then? All: yes!

4-5 slides for each of the teams: Italy, UVIC, BelleII

fab: For when ?

agreed: let's circulate slides right after chep

Fab: we may write during chep to ian colling to ask for the slot


Rolf then presented his slides given to an atlas meeting (very interesting)

Fab: you may want to test also using ttreecache... also unencrypted http can be slower than https if firewall inspects traffic, we saw this in the past


Fab: during chep we get in touch via mail and get in touch with ian colling to get the slot... in the week after chep we compose the final presentation


Fab: UVIC may want to get in touch with mario lassnig to be able to model this macro-site in Rucio

Oliver: they have some work to do to support that

Fab: we can ask at the gdb officially for this kind of entity to be managed by rucio

Silvio (joined later): a lot of material is ready, and the demostrator for BelleII is already federating 50% of BelleII storage

Fab:.... next appointment via mail during chep. Bye bye and thanks to all of you



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