Alexandre Racine: Optimisation of CERN tools & methods for e-learning : the case of short online tutorials Master thesis

HEG - CamputLa Battelle

Master's thesis full text, work done in 2016 for the CERN IT rapid e-learning project published in the rero doc library (*) and attached to this event page together with the presentation slides to the Master's thesis jury (HEG, CERN, UniGe/TECFA).

Supervisor at HEG: Prof. René Schneider

Supervisor at CERN : Maria Dimou

Jury member: Prof. Daniel Schneider (University of Geneva - TECFA)

Observers: Pedro de Freitas Batista (CERN stagiaire in October 2016 and TECFA student) & Michel Gorin (HEG teacher).

All info about the CERN rapid e-learning project is linked from http://twiki.cern.ch/ELearning

(*) What is this? rero doc library