2nd TCT Workshop

Main Lecture Hall (Jožef Stefan Institute)

Main Lecture Hall

Jožef Stefan Institute

Jamova 39 SI-1000 Ljubljana
This is the second workshop on Transient Current Technique, with the first one being held at DESY in 2015 ( https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=12934 ). Transient Current Technique is becoming one of the key techniques in sensor characterization and qualification and has gained a lot of users in recent years. With Two Photon Absorption TCT on the horizon, the future of TCT certainly remains bright. The workshop is dedicated to the exchange of information and experience in TCT. It covers all the aspects of operation: -experimental equipment -operational experiences -analysis software and ways to extract different sensor information from measurements -simulation of measurements A speciality of the workshop is the laboratory exercise part where hands-on experience can be gained. The second workshop has extended the topic also to the most recent findings obtained from TCT measurements on different devices. Oganizing committee Vladimir Cindro , Jožef Stefan Institute Hendrik Jansen , DESY Andrej Gorišek, Jožef Stefan Institute Gregor Kramberger, Jožef Stefan Institute Susanne Kühn, Unviersity of Freiburg & CERN Igor Mandić, Jožef Stefan Institute Marko Mikuž, Jožef Stefan Institute & University of Ljubljana Sven Wonsak, University of Liverpool Marko Zavrtanik, Jožef Stefan Institute
  • Abdenour Lounis
  • Abhishek Sharma
  • Anastasiia Velyka
  • Andrej Gorisek
  • Andreja Butina
  • Bojan Hiti
  • Carlos Solans Sanchez
  • Christian Scharf
  • Dmytro Hohov
  • Egon Pavlica
  • Emanuele Cavallaro
  • Ettore Zaffaroni
  • Finn Feindt
  • Gregor Kramberger
  • Igor Mandic
  • Marcin Bartosik
  • Marco Bomben
  • Marco Costa
  • Marco Ferrero
  • Marcos Fernandez Garcia
  • Marko Mikuz
  • Marko Zavrtanik
  • Natascha Savic
  • Pedro Goncalo Dias De Almeida
  • Roberto Mulargia
  • Thomas Weston
  • Vladimir Cindro
  • William Holmkvist