Jet Substructure "Planning for the future" Event at the Fermilab LPC

Fermilab LPC -WH8XO - Hornet's Nest

Fermilab LPC -WH8XO - Hornet's Nest

Justin Pilot (University of California Davis (US)), Robin Erbacher (University of California Davis (US))

We invite you to a workshop focusing on the future of jet substructure algorithms and their use in physics analyses, to be held at the Fermilab LHC Physics Center over a 2-day period from November 30 - December 1, 2016.

The first day of this 2-day workshop will bring experimentalists and theorists together to discuss the latest developments in the field of jet substructure, and to plan experimental measurements which can provide important feedback to the theory community.  We will discuss effects such as parton shower modeling, pileup mitigation methods, and their effects on substructure algorithm performance in data and simulation. During the second day of the workshop we will hold a CMS-only session.  We would like to take stock of the current efforts for substructure validation and application to 2017 Moriond analyses, including the performance and optimization of triggers and algorithms, background methods, and jet calibrations.  We hope to also plan for future studies of new substructure algorithms and measurements using CMS datasets.

We hope you will join us at Fermilab for this exciting and important workshop at the end of November.

Gabriele Benelli, James Dolen, Robin Erbacher (co-chair), Julie Hogan, Christine McLean, Marc Osherson , Alexx Perloff, Justin Pilot (co-chair), Rizki Syarif, Nhan Tran, Caterina Vernieri (Local Organizing Committee)

Gabriele Benelli, Nadja Strobbe (LPC Events Committee Chairs)

Meenakshi Narain and Boaz Klima (LPC Coordinators)

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  • Ajeeta Khatiwada
  • Alexx Perloff
  • Andres Abreu Nazario
  • Andrew Larkoski
  • Ashley Marie Parker
  • Ayse Bat
  • Ben Kreis
  • Boaz Klima
  • Caterina Vernieri
  • Christine Angela Mc Lean
  • Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez
  • Gabriele Benelli
  • Ian Moult
  • Irving Daniel Sandoval Gonzalez
  • James Dolen
  • Jingyu Zhang
  • Joe Lykken
  • Joel Walker
  • Jordan Damgov
  • Julie Hogan
  • Justin Pilot
  • Kai Yi
  • Kevin Nash
  • Leonard Apanasevich
  • Lina Necib
  • Marc Antoine Osherson
  • Marc Gabriel Weinberg
  • Maximilian J Swiatlowski
  • Michael Krohn
  • Michail Bachtis
  • Nadja Strobbe
  • Nhan Viet Tran
  • Otman Charaf
  • Petar Maksimovic
  • Rachitha Mendis
  • Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
  • Raman Khurana
  • Rick Cavanaugh
  • Rishika Bhardwaj
  • Robin Erbacher
  • Sadia Khalil
  • Saptaparna Bhattacharya
  • Saswati Nandan
  • Savvas Kyriacou
  • Scarlet Rachel Norberg
  • Sean-Jiun Wang
  • Siddharth M Narayanan
  • Tathagata Ghosh
  • Titas Roy
  • Tongguang Cheng
  • Varun Sharma
  • Zhenbin Wu
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