pilot of glexec/SCAS: check-point

28-R-14 (CERN)



Status of the pilot service Agenda: - Status of the pilot service (by VOs and sites) we'll go through the task #8986 and connected sub-tasks in http://www.cern.ch/pps/index.php?dir=./ActivityManagement/SA1DeploymentTaskTracking/ - Status of the pilot *deployment in production at IN2P3 *Status of integration of return codes in EXP frameworks - Recommendations for release and deployment - Decision about termination/extension of the pilot - AOB More info in the page: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/PpsPilotSCAS ---- Meeting Access Information: To join both the web and audio conference (recommended), click here: https://audioconf.cern.ch/call/0132413 If you only want to participate in the audio conference, you may dial in with the following numbers: +41227676000 (Main), and enter access code: 0132413 FIRST TIME USERS: If you have not used this conference bridge before, you can download the software that may be used during the conference. If you have already downloaded this software, you do not have to download it again. To download the software, click here: https://audioconf.cern.ch/content/ENG-US/htdocs/buddies/downloadmsi.html (Microsoft Internet Explorer® required).
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