SA1 coordination meeting

28-R-06 (CERN)






This meeting is 10:00 to 11:30 UTC+1
Phone number is: +41 22 767 6000
Access code is: 0191881
Or click here:

The conference call opens 15 minutes before the meeting starts.
    • Admin matters
      1. MSA1.8: Grid Security Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
      2. DSA1.2.1: Assessment of production service status
      3. MSA1.9: Status report on interoperations
    • Status update on Installed Capacity

      Installed capacity for CPU and Storage is described within WLCG_GlueSchemaUsage-1.8.pdf

      A recent presentation on the matter.

      gstat is being changed to conform GGUS:47466. We expect some progress here before the end of the week.

      Computing sites have been able to fix their total installed capacity for ever basically with the current YAIM. In particular installed capcity is the sum of SI2000 * #logicalCPUS.

      All tier1s are publishing non-zero values for this now.

      For details by region the strict view of gridmap is currently the best tool. The following publish 0 as a value.

      • DE/CH - 1 site SCAI
      • Central - 1 site
      • Northern - 6 sites.
      • UK/I - 2 sites, Liverpool, Manchester.
      • CERN - 1 site.
      • Russia - 4 sites.
      • SouthWest - 2 sites.
      • AP - 5 sites.
      • SouthWest - 7 sites, ticket opened yesterday.
      • Italy - Lots of sites. Ticket open. They are working on it clearly.

      Once gstat is corrected and starts to develop warnings if for instance a site publishes 0 capacity I will be following up more actively.

      Within GGUS there is now a problem type concerning installed capacity. I am happy to take questions directly particularly at a regional level.

      The next YAIM release has now been released to production. This includes the extra variables as described in the document. In particular the following can now be published.

      1. The HEPSpec2006 benchmark.
      2. The VOShare string. For sites using wall/cputime sharing this can and should be published.
      3. A reference CPU benchmark can be published. i.e the processor on which you guarantee the default queue lengths.
      YAIM variables are all described in the usual place with other install instructions.
    • Model for deployment management in EGI
    • USAG report on changes to ticket assignment / TPM process and contributions
    • AOB
      1. Call for sessions, posters and demos for EGEE'09 conference in Barcelona. Let's encourage infrastructure demos!:
      2. Periodic report
      3. agenda for next F2F meeting at CERN, Tuesday 9th of June; and date/location for the F2F meeting after
      4. next meeting : Tuesday 19th May